Reinvent Your Personal Style as a Woman Over 50

Dress with Confidence and Feel Great!

Never again gaze into your closet and wonder what in the world will look good on your midlife body.

Forget about feeling less than confident with your outfit combinations.

Banish the stress of shopping like a deer in headlights, frozen amidst the racks of clothes.

Say “toodles” to those nagging thoughts telling you that you’re too old to have style and pizzazz.

Fashion Over 50 will help you discover and live your authentic, personal style every single day!
I'm Ready!
fashion over 50 - reinvent your personal style and dress with confidence

Why Should You Consider Fashion Over 50?

Fashion Over 50 is a simple and easy method of learning in the privacy of your own home and at your own pace. Most of us don’t want to shout to the world that we aren’t sure of ourselves at this stage in life. We’re supposed to know it all, right?

You might be thinking, "that's not me...I feel pretty good about my sense of style at this point in my life." I applaud you, my friend! But I'll say this: Fashion Over 50 can give you the added confidence of knowing that you're spot-on with fashion choices and decisions.

You might also experience a few "aha" moments as some awesome truths are revealed to you in the lessons. 

As you progress through the course, you’ll discover so much about self-confidence, including a greater understanding of body shape and fashion in midlife. The Personal Style Expression that is authentically you, not anyone else, will be revealed as you complete the lessons.

When I understood the principles that are taught in this course, I learned how to choose the clothes that I know will enhance my figure...colors, too. I didn’t realize how the choice of a neckline or the length of a top could affect how I look. And if I don’t have the confidence in my clothing choices it affects my entire persona.

No, I am not all about the clothes. I’m not a fashionista. But I have learned that my clothing choices and how I put an outfit together DO affect how I feel about myself. So why not make choices that I know are the right color, fabric, fit, style, length, etc for my body shape and personal style? 

For me, that’s a no-brainer! That is exactly why I felt compelled to create Fashion Over 50 and share this confidence-boosting knowledge with women in midlife, like you.

Why Should You Listen to Me?

I’m a midlife blogger in my 60’s, and I have a passion for sharing knowledge, inspiration, encouragement, and motivation with other women in midlife.

The posts on the blog,,  that are the most read, followed, shared and pinned are by far the topics that are related to fashion, confidence and personal style. Women in midlife crave this confidence. 

And I understand that, my friend. I’m living it every day!

I curated all of the principles, information, examples and other elements of Fashion Over 50 by researching, reading, testing and seeing what worked for me. 

I took the time to write about them, and this course takes all of the pieces that I know go into fashion confidence and presents them in a practical, methodical and simple manner. My previous experience working in the financial services industry in adult training and education has served me well as I create courses like Fashion Over 50.

Some of the knowledge and advice I include in the course I developed myself over time. I know it’s sound, and it has helped me tremendously.

Best of all,  it’s a fun course to experience!

Why You’ll be Glad You Enrolled in Fashion Over 50

Actually, this is not a course about fashion, I’ll be honest with you. Not in the way you might expect. No talk about Fashion Week. You won’t see oodles of images of me struttin’ my stuff, or others doing the same. But it IS a course about self-discovery as women over 50

Learning about our body shape, what colors look best on us, our style essence and preferences, and ultimately discovering our authentic, Personal Style...all of these components are what this course is about.

You will feel confident about your body, your style choices and the outfits you create. This course puts it all together for you in one place, guiding you to discover the 3 keys to reinventing your personal style.  It’s timely, fun, and easy to work through.

Here are some specifics about what you'll do:

  • Fashion Assessment - will tell you where your personal fashion pain points are
  • Discovery - personal style essence, preferences, expression, body shape - all put together will show you who you are in terms of fashion and personal style
  • Color - what looks good on you - learn how to choose wisely
  • How to put an outfit together - 6 steps that really work
  • Wardrobe assessment - purge the pieces that no longer work and keep those that you love and express your style - build confidence!
  • Personal Style Statement - in writing! Continue to build confidence with the 3 Keys to Reinventing Your Personal Style

Fashion Over 50 is...

...Simple, self-paced, private, and easy to understand. Just follow along in the order of the lessons and you’ll get there!

...So affordable. For less than $25 you can gain a wealth of knowledge about yourself. And that is so much better than spending hours shopping, then returning hundreds of dollars of clothes that just don’t work for you, nor do they make you feel good about yourself.

...Going to give you the confidence that you may have lost as midlife swept in. You’re still that lovely girl you’ve always been. I will help you discover her again.

You CAN be that confident woman! Not that perfect woman, not that woman who has a limitless budget, not that woman who puts on a facade about who she is, but the woman who understands her authentic, personal style and has the confidence to express it.

Are You Ready?

Are you ready to put that 'fashion-challenged' feeling behind you?

It's never too late to learn something new, and by all means, you're never too old!

All of my courses offer a 30-day money-back guarantee, and Fashion Over 50 is no exception.

I think you'll be more than satisfied with the material and the learning process. And, the cost was purposely kept low enough to include just about anyone who has the desire to feel more confident about fashion in midlife.

So, won't you join me on this journey we call Fashion Over 50? I hope to see you soon!

A Little Something Extra... thank you for enrolling!

Fashion Over 50: Reinvent Your Personal Style is chock full of great stuff, and I know you'll learn from it.

But I also want to show you how much I appreciate you as a participant. So I'm going to give you three of my popular eGuides as a special way of saying thank you.

These handy little downloadable guides cover topics of interest to women over 50, just like you:

Fitness After 50: A Guide for Women to help determine what's most important in our midlife journey to stay healthy and fit. It's a quick read and you'll find so many practical tips and suggestions.

Eating Well After 50: Tips for Choosing Wisely and Eating Healthy Meals. We make choices, every day, about our body and what we put into it. As women over 50 we must choose wisely! Learn more about those choices right here.

Wellness After 50: Essentials of Self Care. There is more to being healthy than working out and eating right. Our mind, soul, and spirit need to be in the right place, too. Learn what you can do to keep the balance.

They're individually priced at $3.99 each, so you're gaining another $11.97 of value, and every little bit helps, right?

You'll receive the links to download all three eGuides after your enrollment is processed.

So go ahead and enroll, my friend. You've got nothing to lose and so much to gain!


  • I’ve seen some of these topics before. Why should I spend money on this course?

    I get it. You may have read about some of the key topics covered in the course. I present them in a very specific way, and in a specific order, layering and building on each lesson cohesively. THAT is what makes the difference and helps you discover how they all fit together into your Personal Style.

  • You’re not a Personal Stylist or Wardrobe Consultant. Don’t you need credentials to teach a course like this?

    Actually, no. I respect those who have taken the time to gain certain credentials, and they may offer something similar at a much higher price tag. I’m all about being affordable, with practical, useful and livable tools for women in midlife. It’s the quality of the material and the impact it has on the student that gives a course credibility.

  • I already have a style that I enjoy and feel pretty good about. What can I learn from you?

    It’s awesome that you know and like your style. Look at it this way. Fashion Over 50 can help you discover how to express your style even more effectively and with additional self confidence. The lesson on wardrobe assessment could be a winner for you, too!

  • What will I walk away with when the course is completed?

    When you complete all of the lessons in Fashion Over 50, you’ll have your own Reinvented Personal Style, in writing and in your hand, to use as a guide and reminder of who you are when it comes to your authentic style expression and signature look. Oh, and you'll not be lacking in the self confidence department, either!

30-day money-back guarantee if you're not satisfied. Just email me within 30 days of purchase and I will refund the cost of this course: